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We are specialized in cleaning all types of currency and notes through our SSD chemicals and activation powder with the help of our technicians.

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We are specialized in supplying all types of SSD chemicals

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We sell SSD Chemicals for cleaning black notes. SSD Chemical Solution is also a windproof banknote chemical designed to remove excess coating. Universal SSD solution performs better when combined with powder to enable class A SSD solution, compared to other SSD components, it is more effective and provides fast results. Clean all kinds of notes and currency worldwide.

We have seen banknotes change color many times. There are many reasons for this, one of the most common and relevant reasons is when
notes get too old, start to lose color, or fade. But when it comes to new currencies, the first thing is that they are not real banknotes. There are many chemicals available that can be used to make stronger colors for counterfeit notes. We at sell some of the best, high-quality SSD chemical solutions that can be used to solve currency discoloration problems.

The main application of this solution is that the banknote does not lose color. Because it gets into many hands and has a high susceptibility to fainting. This chemical solution is a must-have for all note-taking. It serves as a first aid and also as a comprehensive treatment for discoloration of banknotes. It is best known for his work in the world market. The application of this chemical is very simple and can be applied without further consideration. Order  activation powder chemical solution from our website, as we are the best SSD chemical solution and activation powder supplier.

The original activation powder, which is of premium quality, will always be an almost white powder or come in a brown solution. Activation solutions are used to clear exhausted and damaged fumes. It is also used to restore counterfeit banknotes to their original color to make them look real.

The activation powder consists of an acidic substance which is a product of salt and mercury. It can only be made in a certified highly efficient professional chemistry laboratory. It is soluble in alcohol and water and can be used effectively in large banknotes. Order activation powder online through our website and check the sale of activation powder.

If you are looking for a place to buy activation powder online. We highly recommend our website if you want to get a practical product of the highest quality. Because we not only maintain confidentiality, but also ship products with worldwide shipping options in the best possible way. Purchase activation powder on our website as we still have a lot to offer. Because our website will not only serve you with the best quality and guaranteed products, but also our customers enjoy great service and customer centricity with an easy process. All the best without any feedback.

We sell chemical SSD solutions which are used to clean all manner of black and colored currency, smudges and banknotes that are damaged with other shoddy equipment. Our technicians are highly qualified and always ready to make a perfect cleaning. Our chemicals are 100% pure. We clean all currencies like Euro, USD, GBP and many more currencies. Ready-to-use antifreeze and defrost fluid, SSD solution. Vectrol Paste, Activation powder, Damaged Currency, Cleaning Chemicals. eclipse currency,

Are you looking for a reliable partner to buy high quality multifunction counterfeit money online? Zenith chemicals is the best provider of counterfeit banknotes of many currencies. With us, you can buy counterfeit money online without any worries. Thanks to high-tech equipment and the best qualified IT technicians and programmers from various countries, we offer our customers counterfeit money and undetectable fake documents. When it comes to Zenith, we attach great importance to the quality of our products and services.

Our counterfeit banknotes have been carefully manufactured to look exactly like real banknotes. We use the latest technology to produce the best counterfeit notes and secure paper for documents that convey value, identity and trust. With our state-of-the-art printing processes, managed services and a clear focus on quality, we embody each currency as a unique, secure and cost-effective solution. Banknotes are the calling card of the country, and their unique design requirements and properties, including color changing, tactile and interactive elements, allow them to be authenticated and worked with.


Zenith Chemicals is a leading company that deals with the cleaning of bank stained notes. We have the team of professionals who are well-versed with the knowledge of chemicals and know its appropriate usage. Our company is capable of removing stains from any kind of currency making it look new.


You can find a wide array of chemicals used in today’s modern world here. Not just the latest chemicals, we are also available with activating salts and humine powders. Just make us aware of your needs and requirements, we will do every thing to make it happen. You can expect the right solutions for every kind of tricky questions at Zenith.


Zenith SSD Chemicals is a popular SSD Chemical Suppliers Company from whom you can expect the best of everything, be it thequality of products or quick delivery of the same. You will be glad to know that at this company, you can buy SSD chemical online too at the best prices. We have a team of proficient and skilled members who are specialized in this industry and understand every aspect of it. You can completely count on us in terms of getting the best for yourself.

How can SSD chemical help you?

With our SSD chemical solution, you can easily clean your defaced and black money. We always provide a manual guide along with the product delivery. You can go through the instructions and follow them likewise. These guidelines will help you in using this product in a proper manner. Use of this chemical will help you in cleaning all kinds of impurities from the paper currency. You can make use of your money once again with the help of this chemical solution.

Our company has been known for high-quality SSD chemical solution and other money cleaning agents. We do not make any kinds of compromises with the quality of any product. We feed on our customer’s satisfaction and provide them with the best only. If you are purchasing your requirements from us, then do it independently without taking stress of anything.



At Zenith SSD Chemicals, we are available with SSD chemical services. We make all the paper currency using the latest tools and technology. Not even the experts could trace the authenticity of the paper currency that are developed by our experts. We go through each and every detail of the paper currency and make the replicas of them. You can freely use that money for making financial transactions anywhere without being caught.

We are the most reliable people on whom you can trust blindly. We complete understand the concern of our valuable customers and accomplish their requirements within the promised time period. We do not make any kinds of delays in completing any project or delivery. Just reach to us and get the job done in a professional manner.


Zenith is not just a company, it is a complete brand that deals with a lot services and products, including SSD chemical solution. We complete all the deliveries on time with proper order. In order to submit your requirements with us, you can visit our official website immediately. Up there, we have put up a contact form for you. You can feed your details in that form and submit the same to us. We will go through your order details and send it at your mentioned address in a short period of time.

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